About Us

Big Momma Memes is a the result of an unofficial hackathon, made purely for the authors' amusement. The primary authors of this website are a couple of programmers that live in eastern Long Island, forced to endure the obscenely long commute into New York City. Since driving isn't really an option, it means we're stuck on the world's worst train, with some pretty crappy cell phone reception in areas.

As meme affectionados with long commutes and crappy cell phone reception, this put us in a precarious position. We wanted a website that could offer us the LOLs (and the occassional thought provoking meme), with super fast response (faster response == more memes), that doesn't look like crap on cell phones and doesn't eat our precious data plans. Since we couldn't find a website that met all of our criteria, we decided to make one over a weekend, for our (and hopefully your) enjoyment.